Firefighters & A Firetruck

After sleep time we opened the blinds and the seniors noticed a Firetruck outside. Then they saw a firefighter and waved at him. They asked about the fire hose on the side and what the silver part does, It was where the water comes from. 

Sweet Treats

The seniors wanted to create sculptures with the marshmallows and pipe cleaners today. They made robots, campfires, batons and snakes. Their favourite part was eating the marshmallows. In the afternoon the seniors decorated cookie shapes with sprinkles and icing. 

The Making of Our Box Car πŸš—πŸ“¦

With the continuing interest of travel we decided to turn a large box we got into a car. We decorated it and added wheels and an engine. Now we spend our days travelling around. We’ve been to the grocery store, a farm and even a car wash! Where will it take us to next?

Can you paint a rainbow? 🌈

This morning, one of the children had mentioned a rainbow. When the children woke up from sleep time, there was a provocation waiting for them. Paint brushes and paper were made available. I asked the children what colours we would need to make a rainbow. As the colours on the tray started to mix together,…