Cloudy Days 🌁☁️🌤

The preschoolers have switched sides of the playground. There are lots of new things for us to explore and do. We’ve enjoyed spending our afternoons laying in the grass watching the clouds pass by. We watch them guess what shapes they look like. “ Look I see a dragon in the sky!” 👀🌥

It’s Not A Box📦

The Toddlers have been exploring boxes in the classroom. It has been a slide and a ramp. The toddlers have built a tent and tunnels to crawl under. It has been a dance floor and a car track. This has supported their interest in imaginary play.

Balancing Act ⛺️

The preschoolers have been making balancing courses to walk across. They collaborate and find the materials they will need. Today they used a ramp, blocks and an ottoman. They worked together to balance their way across and jumped over the ottoman.

Sensory Snow Play❄️

We have had some days where it’s been too cold to go outside. Today we brought in some snow into the classroom . The toddlers had fun with some cold sensory play. They scooped and explored the snow with their hands.

Caring for our Babies

It’s all about the baby Dolls!  The toddlers have been interested in playing with the babies a lot this past week. They like to hold the babies, rock, feed and wash in the sink. One toddler took care of her baby doll all day. She kissed her baby, brought it to the lunch table, washed…

Science Magic

It’s been a while and the toddlers have been very busy.  We have been exploring cause and effect recently. Some toddlers were intrigued by a small activity on the table. I had placed baking soda, and cups of vinegar on the table. Some of the toddles poured their cups over the muffin tin and watched…

Slippery Day!

We were thrilled to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! After some frigid temperatures, it was nice to get out and enjoy playing outdoors. There was still some ice on the playground but that didn’t stop us! At first, the slippery surfaces were tricky for the preschoolers to maneuver on. Once we were out…