Painting Bubbles ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The preschoolers were having lots of fun making sudsy bubbles in their water bins. We decided to bring out our water colour paints and the results looked fantastic. They carefully mixed their colours with bubbly brushes and made different designs on their bubbles!

Autumn Leaves ๐Ÿ

The preschoolers have been exploring gross motor play and creative movement with the pile of leaves. They have created their own running games and jump in the pile of leaves. One preschooler has led in somersaults, rolling all the way to the leaves. They run with piles in their hands and throw them in the…

Mixing Colours ๐ŸŽจ

The preschoolers have taken an interest in cause and effect. We decided to set out an invitation for them to explore mixing primary colours. They used pipettes, food colouring and water, and trays to explore different shades of colours. They created different kinds of teal, orange, and purple while experimenting.

Exploring Water

The preschoolers explored the cause-and-effect of growing dry towelettes with their personal water bins. They filled their dopplers up with water and squirted it onto the towelettes and watched them grow. One preschoolers sang โ€œrow row your boatโ€ as she placed the towelette in her water bin and placed an animal on top.

Celebrating Autumn

We had a new twist on the Halloween celebrations this year. We decided to have a pyjama day instead, with some dancing and sensory explorations pumpkin seeds. We started off with exploring pumpkin seeds and Pumpkin goop. some of preschooler loved the slimy mixture, while others opted for just water play. They also wanted to…