Outdoor Art

The warmer weather has allowed us to enjoy different activities outside.  The children explored painting with water on the fence.  The toddlers started to paint using brushes and then quickly the activity lead them to painting with their hands.  They realized that their handprints were disappearing after a little while.  This allowed more room for…

☔️ Rain Rain Go Away ☔️

We were looking out the window, watching the rain fall today.  The toddlers noticed all the puddles and that their outdoor toys were getting wet.  We even had the chance to see three birds “playing” in the rain.  We talked about what we would need to stay dry if we were outside in the rain.…

Grocery Shopping 🍎🍞🧀🍕📝

The Juniors went grocery shopping! The previous day, we compiled lists of item to get at the grocery store. The dramatic play table was set up with food, a basket and a cash register. There were also grocery lists set up near the creative table to inspire the children to continue creating their own lists.…

Firefighters & A Firetruck

After sleep time we opened the blinds and the seniors noticed a Firetruck outside. Then they saw a firefighter and waved at him. They asked about the fire hose on the side and what the silver part does, It was where the water comes from. 

Sweet Treats

The seniors wanted to create sculptures with the marshmallows and pipe cleaners today. They made robots, campfires, batons and snakes. Their favourite part was eating the marshmallows. In the afternoon the seniors decorated cookie shapes with sprinkles and icing. 

The Making of Our Box Car 🚗📦

With the continuing interest of travel we decided to turn a large box we got into a car. We decorated it and added wheels and an engine. Now we spend our days travelling around. We’ve been to the grocery store, a farm and even a car wash! Where will it take us to next?