Itsy Bitsy Spider

The juniors first noticed a spider moving outside on the window in the junior room.  He was spinning a web.  The children observed the web getting bigger and bigger.  “The spider is working really hard”, said one of the juniors.  The next day the children went to check the window to see if the spider and his web were still there and sure enough they were.  The spider was climbing to the middle of his web where he stayed there for awhile.  Later on that afternoon the children observed the spider catching a bug. The spider has been here all week and the juniors have had many discussions about the spider.  They have talked about what he looks like, what he is doing, wondering where his family is and what he likes to eat.  They used binoculars and magnifying glasses to get an even closer look at it. They have called it our class spider and seem to care a lot about him.  We call him Spidey.  We wonder how long he is going to stay at our window for. The teachers say he can stay as long as he wants as long as he stays outside. 😀image image image image

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