Collaborative Creations

The toddlers have been learning about taking turns and sharing. It can be difficult when they think that everything they touch is theirs! A great way to work on our teamwork was to make a group painting. We took a large piece of paper and taped it down. Then, we all got smocks on and we were ready to paint. We started with some finger paint.


The toddlers said which colours they wanted close to where they were sitting. Some were hesitant to put their fingers in the paint. Others dove right in! The toddlers used their fine motor skills to begin their masterpiece.


The toddlers swished the paint around. Some said the paint felt goopy on their fingertips. The colours began to mix and create new colours.  A few used their whole hand whereas others used the tips of their fingers. The toddlers learned to share the paint and the paper. They even helped each other swirl the paint.


The toddlers worked so hard and collaborated on this piece of art. They even took turns washing their hands at the sink. We are so happy to see them communicating with each other.  😊

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