Moving on Up!!

We enjoyed a nice summer in our classroom downstairs. There were many laughs and so much was learned and accomplished!  As fall approaches, we are happy to be back upstairs. The next few weeks will include some big changes. Many of our toddlers will be moving up to the junior room! We are so excited for them but will miss having them in our classroom. We also say goodbye to our senior friends as they go off to school. We have learned so much from them and will miss our big helpers.

Our new room holds many new activities and adventures. The toddlers have jumped right in and are playing the day away. Let’s take a look at what they were up to on their first day back upstairs!

imageThe toddlers love the Lego board on the wall. They have made some interesting structures. The children have also taken an interest in fixing everything! We decided to bring up the woodworking bench and tools. The toddlers particularly love the hammers (mostly because of the loud sound they make).



The toddlers have been dancing  up a storm. It is clear that they have been practicing their moves!  We love to watch them have fun. They enjoy the “Head and Shoulders” song and know the actions!


This new adventure upstairs is so exciting and the toddlers cannot wait to play and learn!

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