Hot And Cold🔥❄️

We think that everyone can agree that the weather has been all over the place recently. It’s hot then cold, then cool then warm! Even the toddlers have noticed these changes. They have been talking about things that are cold and things that are hot.

We planned a sensory bin where the toddlers could feel cold ice and warm water and compare the different feelings. We put feathers in with the ice to add some colour. The blue water in the pictures was warm. The toddlers couldn’t wait to dip their hands in. They were immediately drawn to the ice. They said that it felt so cold! They also noticed that the water was warm.  They used different scoops to play in the water.  Some toddlers collected ice in their buckets. They put some ice cubes into the warm water. The toddlers noticed that the water became cold very quickly. They also said that the ice was melting. The toddlers can be pretty observant! image


We hope the toddlers continue to show their ability to observe and continue to discuss the differences they notice! 😊

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