An Invitation

As adults, we are quick to associate objects with their purpose or function. A banana is for eating, a hammer puts nails in walls. As a toddler, that banana could be a phone and the hammer, a drum stick. Toddlers need to explore materials to understand them. We set out provocations or invitations to see how the toddlers interpret those materials.

A cup of pipe cleaners was set out, along with some wooden pieces. When the toddlers came in, they were curious about the new materials.


One of the toddlers suggested painting, so that is what we did. They toddlers used the pipe cleaners as brushes.


Another toddler wrapped a pipe cleaner around their wooden block. The toddlers twisted the pipe cleaners and explored them.


The colours mixed together and the toddlers made some cool designs. It was interesting to see the way that the toddlers used these new materials.

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