Ghost Goop

It rained outside all day today but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our day.  With Halloween approaching we decided to have some Halloween fun and get our hands messy.  We grated up white hand soap and put it into a bin.  The children enjoyed feeling the texture of it.  Then they each tore up toilet paper into tiny bits and added it to the bin.  Water was poured onto the soap and toilet paper and the juniors dug in and mixed it all up with their hands.  “It feels funny”, “it feels wet”, “it smells good” we’re some of the comments the children made.  We added some black felt circles and they started making balls with the mixtures and added the circles for eyes. “It looks like a ghost.” So we showed them pictures of ghosts and Halloween mummies.  One of them said lets make a picture with it so we gave them purple paper and they used the mixture to create their pictures.


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