Some Fine Q-Tip Painting!

We are always looking for ways to help the toddlers develop their skills. They are so full of knowledge and we love to be a part of their learning process.

The toddler’s fine motor skills are really emerging. Fine motor, the use of their fingers and hands, takes a lot of concentration. At this age and stage, the toddlers are working on their pincer grasp (finger and thumb) and mastering the Palmer grasp (whole hand). To us, that may seem simple, but to the toddlers, it can be some challenging work!

So how can we help our talented toddlers develop their fine motor skills? We thought of trying a new tool to paint with; a Q-tip! The toddlers love to paint and they always have new ideas. Using q-tips allowed the toddlers to really focus on the ways they held this small, thin object. Using these tiny tools, the toddlers created some really neat art work!

There were also some funny comments, such as one toddler asking if he should clean his ear! Keep up the great work toddlers! ☺️☺️



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