Skill Building🔨

As we move through November, the children’s interests are changing. We spent a lot of time supporting their interest in movement and motion. But as time goes on, they show us new things that they want to do. 

We’ve already talked about building bridges, but now the large wooden blocks are a staple item in our room. 

Through this week, I have been noticing the development of our block play. 

On Monday, one of the toddlers built this structure:

It seems to be simple; some blocks stacked one on top of the other. A great, solid structure. 

Then the next day, that same toddler built this structure:

Notice that there are blocks going in different directions. Then, take a look at the cars that he has placed in the center of the blocks. Within a day, his structure has become more complex!

Now we get to look for more ways to support the children’s interest in construction. 😊

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