☔️ Rain Rain Go Away ☔️

We were looking out the window, watching the rain fall today.  The toddlers noticed all the puddles and that their outdoor toys were getting wet.  We even had the chance to see three birds “playing” in the rain.  We talked about what we would need to stay dry if we were outside in the rain.  Some of the children suggested boots, raincoats and one child said an umbrella.  That lead to us pulling out an umbrella that we were saving for a rainy day.  The toddlers then painted different colours on the umbrella using paint brushes.  We sang some rain songs such as  “If all the raindrops were lemon drops…” and “Rain rain go away….”.  One of the children noticed that you could see the paint colours through to the other side of the umbrella.  The children took turns going underneath the umbrella while the other children painted it.  It was a collaborated masterpiece.  We have it hanging in our classroom for everyone to see.  We had lots of fun despite being a rainy day.

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