How Can We Help Plants Grow?🍃🌿

Part 1

A provocation was set out on Monday morning.  A plant, two spray bottles and a candle were on the table. Beside it, there was a sign that posed the question, “how can we help plants grow?”

Three children were around the table. One child was asking for a turn with the spray bottle. The child who was using it said “it’s my turn now, but you can use it when I’m all done.” The other child agreed. One of the children held the pretend candle up to the light and said “I’m lighting the plant to help it grow!”

The children spent the morning watering the plants.

They showed collabortation and  also independence! They figured out how to use the spray bottles and noticed the wet soil. We talked about plants needing water just like we need to drink water. We saw the toddlers nurturing side with this experience!image

Part 2

The next day, the same provocation was set out. Some children that were not here the previous day had the opportunity to explore the plants. Some children remembered the experience from the day before.  They talked about he thirsty plants.  One child used the spray bottle  he noticed that when he was spraying the water, it was going past the plants  he continued to spray and watched as the water went beyond the table! Maybe the interest is in the way the water moves or the distance that it travels!

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