A Sorting Soirée

Hold on to your horses, toddlers! We’re diving into sorting and collecting!

Over  the past few weeks we have noticed A trend in our observations; the toddlers are into collecting, counting and sorting objects. It started with collecting items on the playground, Moved into sorting rocks in containers and counting out blocks. There are so many ways that the toddlers count, sort and collect.

I was telling one of the senior preschoolers about the sorting in our classroom. We thought about different ways we can sort. We decided that we wanted to know if the toddlers could organize by colour. We made a makeshift sorting tray and set out red, blue and yellow Lego. When two toddlers arrived in the morning, we showed them our creation. One of the toddlers got right to business and began placing her Lego. The other toddler friend watched and observed. They helped each other sort the Lego. Teamwork and cognitive skill building


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