All Aboard the Junior Express πŸš‰πŸš‚πŸ›€

The juniors had their creative caps on! They lined up some chairs. One child declared that it was a train. We got on board and we were ready to go. One of the girls came by and buckled everybody up. Two children sat side by side. One girl brought over a chair and one of the boys  brought his stuffed animals. Another child wanted to be the driver of the train. I asked where we were going and she said we were going to the ice cream store. We chugged along and the children said β€œchoo choo!”

The driver used some small wooden blocks and put them into a cupcake tray. She said she was getting the ice cream ready. One of the passengers said that we were going to have some cooooold ice cream and he gave a little shiver. One of the girls had come over with some cards. She said they were her tickets. The children were using various loose parts to extend their play. Different children came and went throughout the time the train was set up.  

Beside the train, three children were using dishes and food. One of the girls went over to ask for some water. She used a card to pay for the cup and then brought her cup back to the train.

It was incredible to see this deep imaginative play. They held a script in their minds and continued on throughout the morning. They were problem solving, collaborating and sharing ideas.

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