Where are you going caterpillar? πŸ›πŸƒ

Today, outside one of the Juniors found a caterpillar crawling in our playground.  She was observing it for quite a long time.  A teacher asked her what she had found, “a caterpillar, it’s moving”, she replied.  Some of the other children were intrigued by it and came to have a look too.  The caterpillar started to move faster.  They watched how it moved its body along.  “Where do you think it’s going?”, asked the teacher.  “It’s going home.”, replied one of the children.  “It’s scared, he misses his mommy and daddy”,  replied another.  One of the children gathered some leaves for the caterpillar and offered one of them to the caterpillar.  The caterpillar started to crawl along the leaf.  We discussed how important it was not to touch the caterpillar because we didn’t know if it was safe for us to do so and we didn’t want to harm it either.  The caterpillar then made its way to a pile of wood branches and leaves where it stopped to have a rest from its long journey across the playground.  The Juniors respected the caterpillar’s space and showed great empathy for it.

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