Flowing Rivers🌊

Flowing Rivers As we see glimpses of spring, the snow has begun to melt. On a particularly warm Thursday, the preschoolers were intrigued by the water rushing out of the eavestrough. Some children were  trying to collect water with different containers. They brought the water over to a sled and filled the sled with water.…


The juniors have loved building recently. They build various structures using all kinds of materials. They have learned so much about balance and what makes a structure stable! Here is a child using puzzle pieces to build a structure. He carefully placed each piece and used his arms to protect it from falling. ☺️

πŸ’™ Mixing Colours πŸ’›

The juniors Have been mixing colours in the water bin. I set out some blue and yellow water in an ice cube tray. When they saw this provocation, they were curious. They poured the trey into the water wheel and suddenly, the water was green! “Blue and yellow makes green” one child said.