Balancing Act ⛺️

The preschoolers have been making balancing courses to walk across. They collaborate and find the materials they will need. Today they used a ramp, blocks and an ottoman. They worked together to balance their way across and jumped over the ottoman.

Slippery Day!

We were thrilled to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! After some frigid temperatures, it was nice to get out and enjoy playing outdoors. There was still some ice on the playground but that didn’t stop us! At first, the slippery surfaces were tricky for the preschoolers to maneuver on. Once we were out…


Check out this cool creation! The children set up blocks on the ramps and drove cars down to see how many blocks they could knock over!

Look and Find πŸ”

The preschoolers were very excited about the Look and Find scavenger hunt. They searched around the room for the objects in the pictures. They worked together and asked for help when they got stumped.

Setting up our Tree πŸŽ„

Deck the Halls! Our preschoolers were so excited to help set up the tree in our room. They worked together to set it up. First, we had to assemble the tree and fluff it up. Then, the children decorated the tree with ornaments and tinsel! We even put a star on the top of the…

Dance Break! πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ•Ί

We love a good dance session in preschool 1! The children love to move, especially to music. They have such unique movements. 😊 We want to know, what is your favourite song to dance to with your child(ren)? Leave an answer in the comments and we will post it on the wall!