Building Imaginations

The Seniors have been all about building things in our classroom.  They have been using their imaginations to create and construct structures such as houses, towers, and bridges, along with designing different vehicles too.  They have used cardboard pieces, wooden blocks and  Lego to build. 

Oh Christmas Tree 🎄

The Seniors are excited for this holiday season. Santa and Christmas are all the talk in our room.  Today we put up our tree and started to decorate it. The children have started to make their own decorations and we can’t wait to add them to our tree. Santa is going to love our tree…

How Tall is our Tower?

One of the Seniors built a tower and someone asked how tall it was.  They started off by counting how many blocks high the tower was then one of the children had another great idea.  She went and got a ruler to measure how high it was.  The started measuring it from side to side…

Welcome to the Senior Room

The Senior Preschoolers have been busy adjusting to their new class, meeting new friends, learning new things and becoming comfortable in their new space. It will be an exciting year as we will be busy incorporating fun, interesting and hands on learning experiences in our class!  “Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert…

Building Together

The senior work together to build a ramp tunnel. They used a toy houseand cardboard tubes. One senior instructed his classmate where to put the tubes, so the cars can go through. With some trial and error, they created their best way to angle the tunnel.

Pyramids & Structures

One senior was interested in pyramids. The teacher showed him some pictures of pyramids. They then built a pyramid together using Legos.  The next day some seniors used wood and rocks to build a pyramid. To also used wood logs to build a city.