Building Together

The senior work together to build a ramp tunnel. They used a toy houseand cardboard tubes. One senior instructed his classmate where to put the tubes, so the cars can go through. With some trial and error, they created their best way to angle the tunnel.

Pyramids & Structures

One senior was interested in pyramids. The teacher showed him some pictures of pyramids. They then built a pyramid together using Legos.  The next day some seniors used wood and rocks to build a pyramid. To also used wood logs to build a city. 

Wood Robot๐Ÿค–

One of the seniors used some wood blocks to create their own robot. He called him ‘Optimus Prime’ the transformer. His classmate joined him and the took apart and assembled their robot. 

A Sorting Soirรฉe

Hold on to your horses, toddlers! We’re diving into sorting and collecting! Over ย the past few weeks we have noticed A trend in our observations; the toddlers are into collecting, counting and sorting objects. It started with collecting items on the playground, Moved into sorting rocks in containers and counting out blocks. There are so…

Loose Parts

Providing loose part materials to children allows them to explore, experiment and tinker with. ย They engage, design, create and build using the materials. ย The toddlers have been interested in collecting and sorting. ย Loose parts allows them to engage in these types of activities. ย As you can see the one child has collected all the wooden…